Upcoming Show

The 9th Annual Blues for Food event, will be held at The Water Tower Pub, on December 15, 2018, in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. Artists include Catherine Taddo, Shirley Kominos, Jay Scalie, Warren Reville, Colin Nelson, and Rusty McCarthy. We will be accepting donations of non-perishable food and cash. All proceeds to the Soup Kitchen. The event is hosted by The Water Tower Pub, and The Sault Blues Society.



CBC Bandwidth

Catherine Taddo was featured on CBC Bandwidth with Amanda Putz. If you missed the show, you can listen to it by visiting the Bandwidth website, and scrolling to the June 8th, 2013 show.

Exclaim Review

By Randi Beers
Sault Ste. Marie, ON resident and civil engineer Catherine Taddo can also add the moniker "rockabilly queen" to her belt. Her sophomore release, Under Your Hood, is a cleanly produced, upbeat collection of songs complete with tongue-in-cheek lyricism (see: "Men are just like Street Cars"). There is no doubt that Taddo gets her crowd up and dancing when she's on tour. The album's best moments include rockabilly-cum-doowop hybrid "Waiting for You" and the funk-ified "Under Your Hood." Taddo's voice has jazzy warmth, a quality that serves as the cherry on top of her catchy melodies and the crisp musicianship of her band. Catherine Taddo certainly is a talent the Ontario north can boast as theirs.

Under Your Hood Earshot! Review

Apparently Catherine Taddo is a latecomer to the blues, but listening to Under Your Hood, there is no indication that this is the case. With 9 originals and one relatively obscure cover (Louis Jordan's 'Men Are Like Streetcars') Taddo has definitely set out to make her mark in the Canadian Blues world. That being said, Under Your Hood also dips into a little bit of funk ('Under Your Hood') and rockabilly ('Waiting For You') that is sure to make the blues die hard a little uncomfortable, but is going to delight fans of danceable, upbeat blues influenced music. The production throughout the album is very clean which really brings out Taddo's commanding, silky, sexy voice while allowing the lead guitar of Rusty McCarthy a lot of room to breathe. The backbeat provided by Ed Young (drums) and Frank Deresti (bass) is absolutely solid, and while a little workman-like (and there is nothing wrong with that), they both shine on the aforementioned 'Under Your Hood'. Deresti's funk runs definitely add to the hip-swaying, toe tapping feel of the song, pushing the enjoy-ability of it up a few notches. Overall, Under Your Hood has a very open and airy feel to it. It's easy to imagine these songs being played live and at times hard to not dance while listening to them. The easy, powerful flow of Taddo's voice mixed with the slick musicianship almost compels the body to sway, tap and move along.

Catherine Taddo has create an excellent modern blues (NOT blues-rock) album and Under Your Hood is sure to be a favourite with both types of people: those who get the blues and those who don't.

By Jason Wellwood